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Dec 20, 2011· Page 1 of 2 - Barium chlorate and shellac stars - posted in Pyrotechnics Compositions: Hi everyone, I have read many times that barium chlorate and shellac gives one of the best green colors around. However, I have never seen how to make the stars other than the chemicals and ratio used. Are they wetted with alcohol to use the shellac as a binder?

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Toxicological Data on Ingredients: Barium Chlorate: Not Available Section 3: Hazards Identification Potential Acute Health Effects: Irritating to the skin and eyes on contact. Inhalation will cause irritation to the lungs and mucus membrane. Irritation to the eyes will cause watering and redness. Reddening, scaling, and itching are ...


DANGER: Barium chlorate is unstable and prone to spontaneous decomposition. Flash mixtures made with barium chlorate should not be stored under any circumstances, and extreme caution must be exercised when handling such compositions.

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* Barium Chlorate can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. * High exposure can cause tremors, seizures, muscle twitching and irregular heartbeat. * Barium Chlorate may damage the kidneys. * Repeated exposure may cause Barium to show up as spots in the lungs on a chest x-ray. IDENTIFICATION Barium Chlorate is a colorless or white ...


Nov 06, 2013· What is the correct recipe for flash powder? ... Potassium nitrate Sulfur Barium nitrate Barium chlorate Magnesium powder Aluminum medium course Aluminum fine First of all: combing chlorates, with sulphur and magensium or Aluminium is extremely dangerous. Second: The presence of a chlorate makes it impossible to add a pH lowering stabilizer for ...


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Aluminium and chlorate. Because of the above-mentioned instability, the combination of aluminium powder and potassium chlorate is a poor choice for flash powder that is to be stored for more than a very short period. For that reason, it has been largely replaced by the potassium perchlorate mixtures.

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Barium chlorate, Ba(ClO 3) 2, is a white crystalline solid, the barium salt of chloric acid. It is an irritant and toxic, as are all soluble barium compounds. It is sometimes used in pyrotechnics to produce a green color. It also finds use in the production of chloric acid

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DANGER: Chlorate flash mixtures decompose faster than perchlorate flash mixtures and are more sensitive to shock, flame, spark and friction. DANGER: Barium chlorate is unstable and prone to spontaneous decomposition. Flash mixtures made with barium chlorate should not be stored under any circumstances, and extreme caution must be exercised when ...

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COLOURLESS CRYSTALLINE POWDER. Physical dangers Chemical dangers ... 10294-38-9 is a CAS registry number for Barium chlorate, monohydrate. Will turn shock-sensitive if contaminated with: see Chemical Dangers. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EC Classification


Chapter 8: colos. #1 Source: rec.pyrotechnics archive.Composition from Shimizu[1], page 215 Comments: The perchlorate can be substituted by chlorate ...

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Comments: This prime is safe to use with chlorate stars and gives a much better color than a black powder prime. The difference is most noticable on s which tend to a dark salmon color when primed with black powder.

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Flash Powder Flash Powder is an explosive used in all firecrackers & larger salutes Aerial Bombs. Although there are many different formulas for Flash Powder, the safest, (and the industry standard) is made just from Potassium Perchlorate & German Aluminum. It is far superior to any other Flash Powder formula in many respects. The Formula

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Sep 29, 2011· Barium chlorate is more hazardous than potassium chlorate because barium is a large and heavy atom that doesn't hold onto its ions so firmly as a light atom - I've heard barium chlorate described as a "fat man carrying two bowling balls", meaning it doesn't take much of …

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Some deflagrants can be spectacularly exothermic, such as Aluminium/Potassium Perchlorate flash powder, which will put out 2.2kilocalories per gram, incredibly brilliant, as in U.S. Type III Flash Powder (Potassium Perchlorate/Barium Nitrate/Aluminium) which produces 0.82 billion candlepower for 40 milliseconds at 31.9 million candlepower ...

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Oct 22, 2012· A slow burning emerald green powder. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Aug 31, 2016· Barium chlorate [Ba(ClO3)2] reacting with sugar, producing an intense green flame. Barium chlorate will form green-flamed pyrotechnic mixtures with just about any combustible, and because it's a ...

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IATA/ICAO UN1564, Barium compounds, n.o.s., (Barium chloride), 6.1, pg III 15. REGULATORY INFORMATION TSCA Inventory Status All ingredients are listed on the TSCA inventory. DSCL (EEC) All ingredients are listed on the DSCL inventory. California Proposition 65 Not Listed SARA 302 Not Listed SARA 304 Not Listed SARA 311 Barium Chloride

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Potassium perchlorate is a very common oxidizer in pyrotechnics. Composition based on perchlorates tend to be less sensitive than those based on chlorates, …

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BARIUM CHLORATE is an oxidizing agent. Liberates explosive chlorine dioxide gas in the presence of a strong acid. Heating a moist metal chlorate and a dibasic organic acid liberates chlorine dioxide and carbon dioxide [Bretherick 1979 p. 100].

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Preparation: Use a meal powder prime. 1 part shellac can be used instead of 5 parts, burning time will be reduced by 2 sec. Standard willow method: mix the components, wet with alcohol/water screen pulverone style, dry, mill for 3 hours then make cut stars. Adding extra …

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Barium chlorate is poisonous and a dust mask should be worn at all times when handling it. Barium chlorate should never be mixed with sulfur or sulfides or allowed to come in contact with mixtures containing sulfur or sulfides since this could result in spontaneous ignition. Sulfur reacts with water and air to form small amounts of sulfuric acid.

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May 28, 2018· Barium Chlorate Ba(ClO2)3 Al flash powder - posted in Pyrotechnics: I can buy Ba(ClO3)2,but buying KClO3,KClO4 in europe are problematic as private person.Making KClO3,KClO4 costly,complicated. I know its sensitive.And i know its more dangerous than KClO3. I try reducte the sensitivity, so be it heat the grinded Ba(ClO3)2 before use.Im looking a KClO3 and KClO4 Al alternative.